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Ultimate win: spinning out new businesses

A year ago I was writing how I’m finding my new role at ProteusThemes. It took me a year and some months to find it. Since we’ve reorganized the company in January – now we’re official cofounders with Jaka – the things are clicking into place.

One of the most notable consequences is that for the first time in years I know exactly how well ProteusThemes is doing. Having a financial peace-of-mind is tremendous and it allows me to sleep so much better and focus on things that matter in the long run.

My girlfriend Manca admires me how I’m taking control of everything in my life and how I’ve started taking care of myself. There’s a list of the new activities that made their way to my daily schedule. I consistently sleep 8 hours a day, start my days with more impactful things than emails & Slack (like reading a book), doing stretching and yoga in the mornings, spending weekends away from the computer, more quality time spent with our dog Gili, Manca, friends, and family.

Hell, now in May I’m going to 3 weeks long vacations to Indonesia, leaving my laptop at home. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

In April, all this resulted in something that was my ultimate goal since I have a company: encouraging and promoting an employee into starting up his own business from a ProteusThemes experimental project.

ProteusPay was a last year’s quick hack into trying out a new venture, fighting boredom at ProteusThemes at that time. Getting bored at your own company and finding excuses for keeping in that state calls for another post on its own. Terrible! 😱

Regained interest, new focus in eCommerce space and exciting future plans for ProteusThemes pushed ProteusPay into maintenance mode. I’ve started thinking aloud about selling or quitting it. That’s where Gregor, our long-time backend dev, kicked in. A couple of weeks ago he came to me and expressed his interest in the project, a potential he sees in it and that he’d like to do something about it – adopt it, buy it, whatever.

And so we discussed nuts & bolts and last week signed a contract. He’s taking over a majority ownership of the project and I’m keeping only my advisory role there. Listening to his vision and plans he’s willing to execute in the following year, I’m already excited to see where the project is headed!

Gregor, run it well and prosper! 🙂

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