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Do you want to hear my opinion on women entrepreneurship?

Some of you are checking this blog daily because I’ve promised I’ll be blogging while on WorldChicago professional fellowship (in Chicago, duh). I’ll keep you waiting a little bit more, this also isn’t one of these “here’s how my day’s been going” reports (btw, Maja does that).

Rather, it’s the copy/paste answer to this email from Milana from our fellowship:

My answer is below (excuse me for brevity and grammar mistakes, I actually copy/pasted it):

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Getting retired at 30

I woke up today morning. My first thought was: what should I do today so when I go to the bed in the evening, I’m getting closer to my goal – getting retired at the age of 30. I had the same first thought yesterday when I woke up. And the day before. Actually, it’s this same thought that got me out of bed every morning for the past few months.

Today is my 28th birthday which makes my goal 2 years away.

But to understand where this crazy idea of retiring at 30 comes from, I first have to tell you a story.

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Application for the WorldChicago Tech Fellowship Program

As part of the CEED business program, I’ve been encouraged to apply for the 5-weeks long exchange program between the city of Chicago and European countries.

I’ve spent effectively 5h22m applying to the program (yes, I track my time and apply Eisenhower to determine which tasks I should be doing more and which I should eliminate or delegate) + paid for the professional proof-reading of the motivational letter. I firmly believe I stand good chances of being selected as one of 4 entrepreneurs from Slovenia who will travel to Chicago in autumn 2018 for 5 weeks. But then again, if I’m not selected, at least what I can do is that I share my motivational letter (the major part of the application) with dear readers of my blog. This way, I won’t have that bad feeling of wasting up my time in case I’m not selected.

So here it is 🙂

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