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PressNomics was mind-blowing! I never had such a great time at the conference before.

It’s exactly a week since I’ve flown in the sunny and summerish Phoenix, AZ. The reason? The PressNomics conf, to meet new people and make new connections. Did the conference meet the expectations? Not only that. It exceeded them all the way!

So what was so special about it? Hmmm, where should I start …

The People

I flew in around 6 pm the local Phoenix time. There were Adam from Astoundify and Andy from Parallelus waiting for me at the airport with a rented Tesla S (yeah, ain’t that cool?!?). It was an amazing ride to the Airbnb apt I’ve stayed at with Luca.

From there the plot shifted from great to even better.

The first night, there was a pre-conference warming up party where I’ve met a handful awesome people, some of which I’ve known from before and some of which I’ve met for the first time. I’m talking about Chris, ThomasDavid, MarcoVova, Dwayne, Tina, Dejan, LucaBrian, Adam … All these are amazing people and talking to them was nothing short of outstanding!

Vova, Katya, me, Matt & Matt
LTR: Vova, Katya, me, Matt & Matt

I’ve met with the Envato guys the first night as well! What a bunch of wonderful people! It somehow happened I was sitting with all of them together at the same table the first day and we were hanging around for the rest of the conference. Matt, James, Naysan, Stephen – it was a pleasure!

Then the other marketplace we’ve joined more recently – MOJO Marketplace. They are so amazing too. Speaking to Samantha, JR Farr, and Zach was a great experience!

There were more opportunities for the networking too between the talks. I was impressed how everyone I met was very welcoming and we quickly found a common topic to speak about. My experience from the WordCamps is not the same. But here were all the people from the WordPress business world, so I guess that makes a huge difference! So yeah – Shawn, Jamie, Jason, John, Brandy, John, Josh, VishalKatyaChris, Matt, MattPhil, Zach – thanks for your time and hope to see your around soon!

pressnomics hotel

You remember that list of special folks I wanted to meet? Well, here we go …

Chris Lema – awesome dude. We were discussing the marketing and your angle at the King’s Corner at the end of the first day.

Syed Balkhi had an awesome talk on marketing & eCommerce and we’re in touch for our two companies to collaborate. I’m looking forward to that!

I’ve had a quick chat with Pippin Williamson. He was interested in to hear what we’ve created with EDD and how we’ve plugged in with the FastSpring platform & API. I have to follow up on that in the next day.

Pippin Williamson & I

Someone not on my initial list, but definitely worth mentioning. Two, to be precise: Collis & Cyan Ta’eed – the founders of Envato. I cannot describe how great they are to speak to, and so down to earth at the same time. Of course, I had to take a picture with them:

LTR: Cyan, me, Collis

New friendships

I’ve spent some time with everyone mentioned above and I didn’t want to rush around just to cross the people off my list (I had no list, just a way of saying). But here are the folks I can say for sure we made fast friends. Yes, I am looking at you Teagan, Rich & Ryan!

Teagan, Ryan, Luca, Primoz & Rich
Left to right: Teagan, Ryan, Luca, Primoz & Rich

I can say similar things for Andy, Adam, Spencer & Fernano.

But definitely, I’ve been spending most evenings with the guys above. Especially karaoke with Teagan – dude, that’s something to remember! I’m not sure if that’s an appropriate thing to say here, but I miss these people already! And I’m already looking forward to the next time we meet!


The T-shirt was a great idea!

Primoz Cigler in ProteusThemes T-Shirt
THE T-shirt

Remember the T-shirt? It was an awesome idea and something I’ll do in the future as well. Many people read the blog post, because I’ve reached out to them and posted in some FB groups. So some of them recognized me and come to talk to me.

Others just saw the label and came to ask me anything.

Anyway, I got lots of compliments for the t-shirt and people liked the idea, especially the phonetical part. And it saved me some explanation as well 😉

Arizona – just 🌞!

Flying from Slovenia to Arizona meant flying from the winter to the summer. OK, almost, it was quite warm in Slovenia for the past 2 weeks, but before that we had snow and temperatures below zero.

The venue was amazing as well. Except maybe for the overly AC’d conference room, which was too cold for everyone I’ve spoken to.


Maybe I’ve missed a couple of people from the initial blog post, but that’s not a big deal. As with everything I do in my life, I rather focus on quality than quantity. So I just went with the flow and had a great conversation with the people I’ve stumbled upon. If I’d have to do it all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing.

For the end – the great news is that many of the people I’ve met are coming to WordCamp Europe wich starts 2 months from now. I’m already looking forward to it!

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Sponsor for this blogpost

Today, I had a meeting in LA with the Sev from InMotion hosting. I had an office all for myself on their floor, which was rather amazing and allowed me to write this blog post. Thanks Sev & the InMotion team!

ProteusThemes at InMotion hosting

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