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I’ve done Facebook Live for the first time on our FB Page. Here are results and what I’ve learned

Yesterday and today we went Live on a ProteusThemes FB page. I’ve tried it a couple times before on my personal fb account, just to see how it works.

I’ve decided to write down my experience while it’s still fresh and I remember everything.


If you submit a standard post on FB as a page in 2017 almost nobody sees it. It should really be something unique and outstanding so it gains lots of engagement quickly. Usually, that’s not the case. Even though our FB page has 2k likes now, here is how our usual post performs:

Even bigger problem is that we are aiming to target a global market, but because we are located in Slovenia and lots of our Slovenian friends like our FB page, the posts are mainly shown to these people (who are not our target audience).

Facebook Live is different, though. Facebook is pushing the live videos to the front, it will show notifications to more people when you go live and it will shown the same video to more people later on in their newsfeed. It allows for much better organic reach.

I wanted to try it out.


I decided about 3 weeks ago it would be cool to do a Facebook Live of the monthly theme updates report. It’s a topic our clients are interested in and just about the right amount of the content.

Two weeks ago I’ve contacted my public speaking coach Nina and told her what I’m about to do and if we could meet to brainstorm ideas how to do it.

The last week I’ve announced for the first time to our newsletter subscribers that I will be doing the Live video:

… and because in marketing repetition is the key, I’ve sent out another newsletter this Monday, focused solely on the 2 FB live events, exactly 24 and 48 hours before the events:

Our designer Jaka made this great cover photo you can see above which I’ve also used as a cover image on our Facebook page. The challenge was how to tell people the time because they are spread in the different time zones.

I’ve chosen the 3.30 PM our time, based on this graph from FB Page Insights:

I’ve decided to communicate the time in our time zone (Central European Time) and let them do the maths. I’ve made this easier by saying multiple times things like we go live in 3 hours. This way you don’t need to convert the time in your time zone.

We’ve also made a FB event, so people there saw when it’s gonna happen in their local time.

On Monday I’ve captured and published a screencast how to set the notification settings so they get a notification when we go live.

Here is the screenshot of the Trello card I’ve had:


I am subscribed to Moz SEO newsletter and a couple of weeks ago I’ve discovered their Whiteboard Friday videos they do. I liked the idea and decided that I’m stealing the idea. Except that their videos are super polished and high professional and ours will be live captured on an iPhone with all the mistakes that come with it.

Tuesday – MedicPress WordPress theme release

Even though I’ve initially planned to do only the monthly theme updates report, my public speaking coach said that I should be also selling explicitly, at least one part of the video. We were just before the release of our new WP theme and I’ve been thinking how to combine both. At the end I’ve decided to do 2 separate FB lives, one for the theme release and one for the theme updates.

I’ve asked our other designer (also Jaka) to help me with the whiteboard:

Behind the scenes #fblive #gettingready #MedicPress

Posted by Proteus Themes on Tuesday, 28 February 2017

I’ve written down the text I’m gonna say the night before. And I only did 1 rehearsal before going live for real.

Here is the 1st live:

MedicPress WordPress theme official release on FB Live

"MedicPress is not only a WordPress theme, it's a turn-key solution for a medical website and makes it easier than any other theme to bring new visitors to your site!"UPDATE: learn more and buy here

Posted by Proteus Themes on Tuesday, 28 February 2017

My team has helped me a lot. Marko was capturing me with the phone, Jaka and Gregor were checking the FB page and replying the comments.

Wednesday – Monthly Theme Updates Report

Today it was much easier to do it for me. I was not so nervous. I had more fun. It felt more genuine. It also helped that I’ve written the text down before (and published it later as a blogpost, so it’s not a waste of time) and rehearsed 2 times before going live.

So here is the 2nd live video:

Monthly theme updates report: February 2017

Monthly ProteusThemes updates report in a nutshell. Lean back and let Primož explain to you what we've been working on in February.

Posted by Proteus Themes on Wednesday, 1 March 2017


I’ll just post the screenshot (this is about 28 hours after the live):

Yes, I’ve decided to boost it for 10 € for 3 days. But the organic reach is also fantastic!

My thoughts to future-self

  • THIS IS EXHAUSING! It was something completely out of my comfort zone. But now it’s behind me, I’m happy that I did it. Also, it was much easier doing it for the second time. I don’t know if that’s because the first time it’s hard to break the ice, or because the topic was easier for me the second day. I am not comfortable (yet) in the shoes of a salesperson.
  • Prepare yourself more. This was even harder than public speaking to me. When you have an audience you are talking to them. Ideally, you are getting feedback from the audience as well. It is hard as fuck to be excited and talk interestingly about something for 15 minutes to the phone. I didn’t even see if anyone was watching us. So to speak.
  • Go straight to the point and keep focus. Especially on the first day, I was waaaaay too long. I tried to cover too many things. I should focus and cover less of points and keep myself motivated throughout the video.
  • Speak more in English. I am not a native speaker. ’nuff said.
  • It’s well worth it. Look at these numbers! The (organic) reach is an order of magnitude better compared to standard posts. Engagement as well. We are getting new page likes, people were talking about it. It is something more unique.
    It’s not perfect, but people were still interested in. We even got comments like I love Proteus.
  • It can only get better. These were my first 2 professional FB live. They were not perfect, but not a disaster either. With practice, I will only get better at it 🙂


  1. Write this blogpost.
  2. Send another newsletter tomorrow to the whole mailing list with the links to FB live videos (even non-fb users can view it).
  3. Experiment some more with the FB boost and see how much $$$ it’s worth to pour in.

Thanks for reading. Let me know your thoughts!

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