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Renting is more natural than owning

In the country where I live, there’s a mentality that one should own a house. I don’t know where this comes from. But I believe that renting is more in sync with how the things work in nature. And following the ‘nature way’ makes you more happy so I try to follow suit.

The whole concept of life is one big rent. We come to this world, wander around a bit and then go. We rent a spot in space and time for our presence. If you think about it – one borrows even atoms one is made of. They were here long before you were born and once you die, they will be something else (that’s not completely true, because human beings are open system which means that atoms are constantly coming and going in our bodies).

In the last year or so, I consciously started decluttering my life. This means I am slowly selling the stuff I don’t need at the moment (this lastĀ at the moment part is crucial or you can always imagine some unlikely event in the far future when you might need something).

BecauseĀ most things you posses don’t need at the moment, it is far more sensible to rent them once you need them. Even for the stuff that I do own, I treat it as renting. If I can, I buy top quality item second hand. Once I am done with it, I sell it further. Doing this, I learned that:

  • The list of the items in my life is much shorter –> happier life!
  • I get better stuff for less money because I am buying second had.
  • If I buy something new, I buy top quality, so it will last for a long time for me or for the people who will use it after me.

Let me know what are your thoughts on owning vs renting?

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