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ProteusThemes on Indie Hackers

Inspired by Ionut’s interview, I’ve reached out to Courtland a couple of weeks ago for an interview about ProteusThemes. Fast forward some weeks and some long night of writing, the interview has hit the front page of the Indie Hacker’s website yesterday.

Enjoy reading!

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A software engineer transitioning to a digital marketer and entrepreneur. Walking the talk. Windsurfer, digital nomad.
  • Great interview. Somehow I find your ideas and struggles similar to mine. Only I just started seeing the big picture and trying to get out of the production and focus more on marketing and brand management.

    ps: have you ever kitesurfed?

  • Amr Kafina

    Hey Primoz, really enjoyed reading the interview. Looking forward to more updates from you and ProteusThemes. Let us know how your pricing changes affected the business!