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Guetzli was released this week. I made a quick test, here are results

I heard lots of hype and news about Google releasing and open sourcing Guetzli this week.

Heck, even I’m hyped and excited.

So I made a very quick test on 1 image with TinyPNG, ImageOptim and of course Guetzli.

Yeah, I know, the sample was too small. But still, here are the results:

Would you be interested in more in-depth research with more image and some stats? Retweet the above. If it gets 10 retweets, I’m doing it.

I put the wrong link in the MailChimp newsletter campaign. How did I fix it within minutes?

Two days ago, I sent a newsletter campaign to about 5,000 newsletter subscribers. I usually use the ‘Replicate’ MailChimp feature. The problem is that the feature leaves the original links in the content of your campaign as well. My first advice would be that you always send yourself a test email and click through all the links. But because you are reading this, most probably it’s too late.

After sending the newsletter I’ve realized that the CTA link is pointing to the wrong URL (to the blogpost instead of the pricing page).

This is me realizing what I did:

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