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Our ultimate guide to image optimization got 2,118 views in 10 days. Here’s what I’ve done (and still doing)

Google Analytics graph of traffic

At ProteusThemes we’ve lately started to focus more on the content marketing. I am by no means the expert of the field or have years of experience, but in the last couple of months of reading and listening to lots of marketing podcasts (namely Marketing Made Easy by Amy Porterfield and Online Marketing School by Neil Patel & Eric Siu) I’ve learned that:

  1. Invest less time in creating content and more time in promoting content.
  2. Focus on high-quality content, the content that lasts. Produce less in quantity for the better quality. Find existing content on the topic and upgrade it instead of always starting from scratch.
  3. Promote your content heavily, especially in the first weeks, because nobody else will do it for you (unless you’re lucky, so don’t rely on it).
  4. Repurpose your content.

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Guetzli was released this week. I made a quick test, here are results

I heard lots of hype and news about Google releasing and open sourcing Guetzli this week.

Heck, even I’m hyped and excited.

So I made a very quick test on 1 image with TinyPNG, ImageOptim and of course Guetzli.

Yeah, I know, the sample was too small. But still, here are the results:

Would you be interested in more in-depth research with more image and some stats? Retweet the above. If it gets 10 retweets, I’m doing it.