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Join me at the ProteusThemes + other WP makers drinkup in Paris TODAY


Let’s be spontaneous. At the moment of writing the time is 4.30 pm and I don’t have plans for this evening. All I know is that I want to hang out with other WP makers (plugins/theme developers) and business owners and grab a 🍻 together. Or a 🍷, we’re in Paris after all.

I’m calling out everyone who’s eager to join me today evening at 7.30 pm (that’s 19:30) at the Le Supercoin bar. Yes, that’s only 3 hours from now. Be there or miss out.

My twitter handle is @primozcigler. I’ll be checking the Twitter for that. You can also email me at primoz at If you want. But I prefer twitter today.

Oh, and … I’m paying for the first round (technically ProteusThemes, but let’s skip the details).

People who RSVP’d

+ others who’ve responded privately to me!

We had a blast!

At the end, ~25 people showed up. Amazing!

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