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I’m attending PressNomics 5 this week. I’m looking forward to meeting you in Tempe, AZ!

Primoz Cigler in ProteusThemes T-Shirt

It all started about a month back on a Slack channel when Adam from Astoundify, Rich from ThemeBeans, and Andy from Parallelus convinced me in half an hour to buy the ticket for PressNomics. I’m getting really excited about my trip to the USA which begins only 2 days from writing this.

This will be a unique opportunity to meet some people from WP business world I admire and follow for a long time. I’ve decided to put together this blog post to mention few of them. Heck, I’m sure there will also be good opportunities to make new friends and partnerships for ProteusThemes.

The plugin makers

I hope I will have the honor to meet Alex Cancado and Carl Hancock from Gravity Forms. Then of course Pippin Williamson from Pippin’s Plugins along with Andrew Jaynes, both of which I truly admire (Pippin for his blog and business, Andrew as a WP core contributor and developer).

It will be fun to talk to Justin Busa, Robby McCullough, and Billy Young from the Beaver Builder team. Chris Badget from LifterLMS approached us a few months ago for collaboration and now I will be able to meet him in person. I hope to have a discussion about the demos and WP instances with James Laws, Kevin Stover, Kyle Johnson, and Zach Skaggs from WP Ninjas. I know that I’ve been listening to Jared Atchison from WPForms on a conference before, but I just cannot recall where (probably WordCamp?). I remember the talk was awesome 🙂 !

Guys from WP All Import released their project last week and I’d love to discuss technical stuff with Joe Guilmette.

In Tempe, I am sharing an Airbnb with Luca Fracassi from Addendio. And last but not the last, I will finally meet my friend Vova Feldman from Freemius in person.


It will be great to meet Ben Welch-Bolen from PressedChris Lema and AJ Morris from Liquid Web and David Vogelpohl from WP Engine.


At ProteusThemes we are partners with two bigger marketplaces: ThemeForest and MOJO. Matt Cox, Stephen Cronin, Ben Fornarino, James Giroux (Envato), JR Farr, and Samantha Dean (MOJO) I’m looking forward to meeting y’all!

Special Mentions

There are some folks I’m extremely excited about. Excited like this.

And they will be all at PressNomics 😍 :

  • Brian Krogsgard
  • Chris Lema
  • Syed Balkhi
  • Pippin Williamson
  • Vova Feldman
  • Rich Tabor
  • Adam Pickering
  • Andy Wilkerson
  • Matt Cromwell

How will you know that’s me?

I’m coming well prepared:

Primoz Cigler in ProteusThemes T-Shirt
Now you know how to pronounce my name 😉

Meet y’all soon! 🤗

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