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FastSpring for EDD – Beta 2 of the Plugin Completely Rewritten, Finalizing Pricing, New Brand ProteusPay

I haven’t posted any updates about the FastSpring plugin for the WordPress (EDD) in the last 2 weeks. The reason is that we’ve been traveling to WordCamp Bucharest and our team has been busy launching a new theme. However, while Gregor has been rewriting the core functionality of the plugin to use the Virtual Products feature (previously syncing EDD products to FS), I’ve been in touch with the beta testers and the FastSpring team to ensure we’re launching a great FastSpring integration for WordPress.

EDIT: the plugin has been released.

I must say a big Thank You! to all beta testers of the plugin and to the FastSpring team. It’s been a great decision to give away a beta of the plugin to all interested parties as well to the FastSpring technical team itself. This allowed us to focus on the most important features for the v1.

Here’s the summary what we’ve changed in the plugin since the first beta (find the live public specs here):

  • The core of the plugin has been rewritten to use the Virtual Products. It’s a featured of the FastSpring API where the products are created on the fly via the API. This allowed us to drop the previous implementation, whereupon the product creation in the EDD we’ve created a copy of the same product in the FastSpring.
    Now your Easy Digital Downloads store serves as a single source of truth for the products and the FastSpring platform acts more similarly to a payment gateway (but you still gain all the benefits of using FastSpring – tax/invoice handling, currencies, multiple payment gateways etc.)
  • I’ve received multiple questions from beta testers what happens if they already have products in FastSpring and how they will migrate to use the plugin. Additionally to the previous Virtual Products feature, we’ve added an option in the product-level to connect the existing products from the FastSpring dashboard to the EDD product.
    In case that the existing product created in the FS dashboard has been selected, that one will be added to the cart and purchased.
  • With rewrite to Virtual Products, all the issues with the product variations and bundles have been swept away. Now the single source of truth are products defined in the EDD, therefore bundles or variants are created on the fly.
  • With rewrite to Virtual Products, we’ve got the support for multiple currencies automatically. FastSpring allows customers to pay in 24 different local currencies and automatically selects the default currency based on the location of the user. You can override these settings and select which currencies you’ll accept. You can let the FastSpring do the conversion to the local currency or you override the local prices in the FastSpring product.
  • You can leverage the powerful FastSpring fulfillments (like license code creation, downloadable file hosting, or signed PDFs) when connecting the existing products you’ve created previously over the FastSpring dashboard. This way you can easily migrate to use this plugin even if you’ve been using FastSpring previously, you have fulfillments in place already, and you don’t want to change or re-create them.
  • The Test Mode is enabled/disabled depending on which FastSpring URL you are using in the FastSpring for EDD add-on setting (live or test URL).

Beta 2 Is Available Today

After fixing all the issues and rewriting the core of the plugin, today the Beta 2 of the plugin is ready. Since we’ve received quite some applications for the Beta 1 and the communication with the existing beta testers has been great, we didn’t decide to invite more people in testing out Beta 2.

However, if you just can’t wait for the v1, get in touch and I’ll share the Beta 2 with you.

Pricing And Launch

We’re confident that the Beta 2 is the last beta and we’re close to launching the FastSpring integration for WordPress. According to plan, we’re launching the next week, October 26. Mark the date! 🙂

EDD Closing Their Door To 3rd Party Developers

Before I go into pricing details, I have to address one important change since announcing this plugin the first time: FastSpring for EDD add-on plugin will not be sold on the official EDD store. Even though we had a verbal agreement, Pippin has recently reached out to me with the fact that they are closing the doors to all 3rd party developers in official EDD add-ons store. Not only to the new ones but also to the existing ones, who have been selling there for years.

It was a hard fact to swallow, but since we’ve invested so much time and energy by then I wanted to proceed and find an alternative. We’ve agreed with the team that we’ll continue the development according to the plan and release it ourselves.

Where To Sell Then?

The initial plan was that we’ll be selling on the EDD so we didn’t have to invest any time and resources into building a new website. However, now this deal was off the table, we had to find an alternative.

After some brainstorming and discussions, I’m happy to announce today a new brand for the first time: ProteusPay. We’ll be selling this plugin and the future eCommerce integrations under the ProteusPay brand. The plugin is just the first venture and we have some interesting ideas lined up to test them out! 😉

“Can You Finally Tell Me the Price of the Plugin?”

Oh yes, sure. Sorry to keep you waiting. 😛

I did quite a bit of tinkering and we’ve had some discussions with the FastSpring team about this as well. After all the work that went into creating it and the value it brings to the table (I’ve experienced the pain of selling a digital product without having a service like FastSpring) the initial price of the plugin will be $199/yr.

We’re exploring some other monetization options down the road together with the FastSpring directly, but the price above is what we’re coming to the market with the next week.

Discount for the Early Birds

Oh, if you’re still interested in after reading this, make sure to be in the newsletter when we go live. I’ll share the 30% discount code to the early birds.

Any Questions?

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